menuitem.removeClass('active'); var s360PowerMenu_alignMenuItem = function (menuitem, childElement) { display: inline; text-shadow: 0 0 5px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.3); #eu-cookie-details-table_table { Die Wasserpflanze Alternanthera reineckii "Rosaefolia" ist vom Wachstum her als mittel einzustufen. Kode: 35511. $(this).addClass('active'); Please follow this link to find out more information about this plant. if ($(this).attr('id') !== "s360-powermenu-" + s360_powermenu_default_tab) { //Sorgt dafür, dass Sticky-Menüs ausgeblendet werden sobald der Nutzer anfängt zu scrollen target.appendTo(parent); var s360_powermenu_default_tab = "0"; }; /* Aquasabi Styles */ if ($('#s360-powermenu-' + $(this).data('linkto')).length > 0 && $('#s360-powermenu-' + $(this).data('linkto')).hasClass('s360-powermenu-menu')) { } else { } This plant has a compact significantly slower growth habit, which makes it especially suitable for small tanks. It may take up to 15 working days (except holidays and weekends) before this order is shipped. $(document).mousemove(function (event) { Red Mint, Alternanthera rosaefolia. You’ll quickly find that this plant don’t require a high level of care, which is great if you are very busy. //Menüitems ermitteln The purple colour of the leaf undersides makes a strong contrast to the green aquatic plant species available in the trade, especially when planted in groups. -webkit-box-orient: vertical; Bisher wächst sie super an und hat nach einer Woche schon viele erkennbare Wurzeln gebildet. Request Price. if (!tab.hasClass('s360-powermenu-sticky') || tab.hasClass('s360-powermenu-sticky-deactivated') || (tab.hasClass('s360-powermenu-sticky') && !tab.hasClass('active'))) { a.s360-scroll-to-top-button:hover { Care Level: Medium. It needs plenty of light and can grow anywhere between 25cm to 50cm in height. (function(n,t){"use strict";function w(){}function u(n,t){if(n){typeof n=="object"&&(n=[];for(var i=0,r=n.length;i

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