Here's what I know about its care and origins :) The lavender color in the lip can be a brilliant royal purple often mixed with tones of red. Orchid Laelia purpurata 'Startle ' x L.'Full Stock' AU $27.50 Free postage Orchid Plant. Oct 30, 2020 - Explore Will Dougherty's board "Laelia Orchids" on Pinterest. Laelia purpurata can develop some really large pseudobulbs, often exceeding 20 inches (50 cm) from the base of the pseudobulb to the tip of the leaf, if grown well. This says a lot when you realize that named clones of Cattleya mossiae and Cattleya trianaei number in the hundreds. Grow in pots or baskets with fir bark or lava rock or any other suitable well-drained orchid growing medium. for (var i=0;i

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